Monday, September 1, 2014

Labor Day Clearance part II!

 Schumacher's linen and crewel fabric.  8 yds.
PRICE: $12 a yd
 Schumacher's Valencay Damask in celery
PRICE: $12 a yd
 Schumacher Sky blue linen w/ white floral embroidery. 12 yds.
PRICE: $12 a yd
 Schumacher's vermicelli embroidered linen yellow on ivory.  5 yds available.
PRICE: $12 a yd, 2 sold, 3 available
Schumacher's opera on a light blue background. (would make a precious shower curtain) 10 yds available.
PRICE: $10 a yd, all pending

Saturday, August 30, 2014


i'm joining everyone else in the nation and doing a labor day sale!!!  hope y'all have a wonderful long weekend :)
Schumacher's algiers embordiered in indigo, 7.5 yds. (picture is flipped)
PRICE: $15 a yd, SOLD
Victoria Hagan, 10 yds.
PRICE: $10 a yd, SOLD
Richard Smith's Lily Tree, 4 yds
PRICE:$15 a yd, all pending
Schumacher's yantze document fabric in cream.  15 yds available
PRICE: $15 a yd, 3 yds pending, 12 available
Maybe Elizabeth Eakins?, 2 yds
PRICE: $15 a yd, SOLD
Jonathan Adler/ Kravet fabric, 5 yds
PRICE: $15 a yd, SOLD
Quadrille's Veneto, 1 yd
PRICE: $25 a yd, SOLD
Schumacher's Melogranco in rough and grey, 10 yds available.
PRICE: $15 a yd, 3 yds pending, 7 available
schumacher's dharma fern embroidery in flax.  15 yds available.
PRICE: $15 a yd, SOLD

schumuacher's ono paperweave in natural.  12 rolls available.
PRICE: $15 a roll, 8 rolls pending
schumacher's wilton stripe wallpaper in chocolate, 18 rolls available
PRICE: $15 a roll
schumacher's ikeda bamboo stripe in straw; 10 available.
schumacher's onna sisal grasscloth in red (a dark pinkish red), 4 rolls available.
PRICE; $15 a roll, all pending
schumacher's boheme scroll in aqua.  rolls measure 36" x 8 yds.  11 rolls available.
PRICE: $15 a roll

Friday, August 29, 2014

trina turk

a popular one from trina turk's collection of outdoor fabrics.  would be great for an outdoor settee or bench, accent pillows for a porch rocking cahir or swing, or perfect for an ottoman b/c it's "feet friendly".  trina turk's tangier frame print in ocean. 6 yds available.  retails for $112 a yd.  
PRICE: $35 a yd

Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Who doesn't love a good stripe???  today, i'm offering several options.  stripes are perfect for euro shams, shower curtains, ottomans, banding or cording on club chairs, headboards, nursery bumpers, or roman shades/ draperies.  and don't forget to get them on a bias to get a diagonal look!!

French Blue stripe on linen, 3 yds.
PRICE: $30 a yd
 Charcoal stripe on linen, 2.5 yds
PRICE: $30 a yd, pending
 Stone stripe on linen (might be Belgium).  3 yds.
PRICE: $30 a yd
 Schumacher's empire stripe in aqua.  6 yds.
PRICE: $30 a yd
 Anna French, cotton candy pink stripe on cotton, 12 yds.
PRICE: $35 A YD, 3 yds sold, 9 available

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

this is a great fabric from schumacher and it's begging for a wing chair to be recovered in it, or it could make a pretty headboard/ dust ruffle combo, shower curtain, or DR draperies.  schumacher's coromandel vine in vert.  retails for $300+ a yd!  20 yds available.
PRICE: $35 a yd, 15 yds SOLD, 5 available

Monday, August 25, 2014

Kasari Ikat

a pretty turquoise ikat to liven up your home.  would make great euro shams for your bedroom, pretty draperies for a teen's bedroom, a nice tailored table skirt for your entryway (add a cream banding to give it a crisp look), or fun accent pillows for your sofa.  schumacher's kasari ikat in turquoise.  14 yds available.
PRICE: $35 a yd, 7 sold, 7 available

*image courtesy of gramercy home

Friday, August 22, 2014



 this is a great guy if you looking for to add texture to your space!  would make a precious nursery for a little boy, a great stairwell (especially if you have hand prints on the walls), or a handsome office/ study.  schumacher's temmoku rush cloth in straw, roll measures 36" x 6.5 yds.  15 rolls available.
PRICE: $40 a roll, 5 pending, 10 available

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Herringbone Grasscloth

this is such an amazing grasscloth wallpaper b/c it has a subtle herringbone pattern in it.  would make a killer family wallpaper, fun for an entryway, a small powder room, or a playroom.  schumacher's herringbone weave in straw, rolls measure 36" x 8 yds.  retails for $225 a single roll. 20 rolls available.
PRICE: $40 a roll, SOLD

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Herringbone Ivory Linen

another beautiful upholstery linen from schumacher.....calling your name for a project!!  would look amazing on club chairs (add a skirt banding or tape to give it a personal touch), update a wing chair, chairs (add a monogram or cord them in a pretty grey or aqua linen), or reupholster your sofa.  schumacher's wight linen herringbone.
PRICE: $35 a yd, SOLD

Tuesday, August 19, 2014


this is such a pretty fabric from one of my favorite companies, quadrille.  would make adorable matching twin custom headboards, a pretty shower curtain for a guest bathroom, beautiful euro shams for a guest bedroom, or great accent pillows for a sofa.  quadrille/ china seas lyford in a custom turquoise and chocolate brown colorway printed on a linen ground.  5 yds available.
PRICE: $45 a yd, SOLD