Thursday, November 11, 2010

Remnant Sale!!  These are perfect for projects like pillows, making a bulletin board, lamp shades, or for etsy projects!
*names of fabrics are under the picture!

Gray Ikat two pieces:
PRICE FOR 48" x 32": $12; SOLD
PRICE FOR 32" X 40": $10; SOLD

Robert Allen purple cotton geometric, two pieces:
PRICE FOR 40" x 40": $11; SOLD
PRICE FOR 52 x 44: $15; SOLD

West Elm Fabric, two pieces 42 x 54
PRICE: $12 per piece; SOLD

Kelly Wearstler 20 x 20

Tom Filicia geometric 36 x 36

Thom Filicia flowers 48 x 72
Windsor Smith 24 x 54

*images found on top pictures a from isabella and max's room, tobi fairley, fabulous k, country living


  1. It is always a very strange sensation to open up a post and recognize a photo! What endless things one can do with remnants, my daughter wants to make a pillow sewing several remnants together! It should be great I'm thinking...

  2. I put a request in for the cat's craddle in navy, the post is gone. Was this purchased by another customer? I sent an email but not sure if it was already taken and I don't see a photo for the remnant.

  3. Hello Shannon. thanks for being my inspiration today. U have had a simple but great idea about what to do with a remmant fabric.

    have a nice day

  4. i am so sad i missed this. i guess that's what i get for being stuck in the blasted real world for a few weeks - ugh. any chance you can share a bit about that gray ikat with me? it would be perfect for a client of mine... you have my email :)