Thursday, May 30, 2013

Alan Campbell

sorry i'm running late!!  might be a habit b/c it's officially summer over here.....and b/c of the move, i can't track down my camera so i have to use my camera phone and for some reason the pictures are going bare w/ me.  LOVE this quadrille print and it's SUNBRELLA so it's great for the summer and easy to wipe (which is great for little ones).  would make a killer banquette for a kitchen, fun porch swing, great kitchen chairs or stools, or a great custom headboard.  quadrille/ alan campbell's potalla in multi blues on white on sunbrella .  10 yds available.
PRICE: $65 a yd, SOLD

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  1. Really you are genius...what a nice design this is...creativity really god gifted..