Friday, December 13, 2013

Schumacher Grasscloth

 **this is the color (that is chaing mai in the background and it's super close to the green in that pattern)
**bad camera phone pic but it shows the pattern
this is a beautiful paper w/ a whimsical scrolling pattern throughout.  it would be perfect for a DR, a great statement for a bedroom (a linen headboard up against this would be so pretty...monogrammed shams), or a pretty powder room (add a beautiful antique gold mirror and make it a show stopper).  schumacher's boheme harlequin in a soft green; roll measures 36" x 8 yds.  17 rolls available.
PRICE: $40 a roll, 14 rolls pending, 3 available

***my real camera is broken so i am having to use my iphone.  the first picture represents the color...for some reason when i unrolled it, the color of the paper went light for the picture.


  1. omg, so beautiful. wish I had a space for it. Love the Suzanne Kasler DR. It's one of my favorites EVER.

  2. I would like to purchase 2 rolls. please let me know how! Thanks!