Wednesday, June 15, 2016


Schumacher, Samarkand Ikat in watermelon, 1.5 yds available
PRICE: $55 total
Lulu DK's island in navy,
1 yd, $45 SOLD
7/8's of a yd, $40 SOLD
Lulu DK's plantation in ocean, 1.5 yd piece available
PRICE: $40 a yd
 high end white, sky blue, french blue and turquoise woven, 3/4's of a yd available.
PRICE: $35
Lulu DK's plantation in sky blue, 
1.75 yds, $75, SOLD
30x36 remnant, $35, SOLD

clarke and clarks's dellphine in white and gray.  2.5 yds available.
PRICE: $35 a yd
Lulu DK Island in coral, 1.25 and 1.5 yd pieces
PRICE: $40 a yd
Lulu DK's abstraction in blossom, 
1.25 yds, $55 for all, SOLD
70" x 50" remnant, $60
29x50 remnant, $35
GP&J Baker's firefly, 1.5 yds available
PRICE: $35 for all, SOLD
Schumacher tree blue and white tree, 1.25
PRICE: $30
Schumacher tree natural and white tree, 1.25
PRICE: $30
Schumacher's Lace in Lavender, 8 yds available
Price: $25, SOLD
Schumacher's sumara confetti, 2 yd piece, 1 yd piece
Price: $30 a yd
Schumacher's Manor Gate in mineral, 3 yds available.
PRICE:$35 a yd, SOLD
designers guild's animal print in a pale turquoise and green spot, 5 yds available
PRICE: $25 a yd
 ivory and gray two toned high-end, upholstery weight fabric. 4 yds available.
PRICE: $30 a yd

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