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The Interior Designer Guide to Promote Your Business

An interior designer mainly works with his or her client to create a beautiful living space. Their main concern is the beauty, safety and the smooth functionality of the décor. Interior design is a business like any other, and it needs to be tended to well for it to thrive. A good interior designer should come up with ways to retain customers and win prospective clients. So, what are some of the things that an interior designer can do to ensure this?  Here are some tips to help interior designers promote their business:

Attending industry events

An interior designer may not see the essence of doing this at first, but they may end up gaining so much from such functions. There is a tremendous amount of knowledge gained at industry events. This is because industry events are usually graced with more experienced interior designers most of whom enjoy passing down knowledge to mushrooming professionals. It is also a great networking technique since one gets to meet potential clients and investors in such functions. There is a huge lead generation opportunity for these events. It’s rare to find a conference that lacks exhibitors and vendors, so one might find some tools or discover new technologies they can use to market their business.

Building a client base

No business can succeed without clients, and therefore a visionary interior designer needs to build a strong base. A client base can be achieved by creating a plan to get clients, retaining the current clients, and tirelessly marketing to grow the base. Other methods of building a client base include;

  • Word of mouth – One can get to directly interact with many people and get to market themselves. Still, clients get to excitedly talk about a job well done with their friends who are potential clients.
  • Endorsement and referrals from past employers with whom they have a positive relationship.
  • Partnering with other businesses such as web designers

Standing out from others

Interior design is an art which needs to show creativity and uniqueness. It’s not advisable to have the same designs for all clients. An intuitive knack for color, architecture, textiles and spatial arrangements is highly recommended. Interior designers should ensure that the interior décor for their clients leaves them wanting more services from them.

Showing off in a home show

Getting to participate in a home show is an ideal way for an interior designer to promote their business since they get to meet new clients. It might not be easy to get into a home show since most of these events are reserved for invites only; thus, one should ensure they send the highlights of their portfolio early enough to get an opportunity to showcase their dexterity. Once in, it’s critical to make a statement by doing something attractive and alluring.

Crafting a Professional Website

An interior designer’s website has got to be sleek since 80 percent of their clients refer to their websites so as to learn more about their services. The website is usually the main digital portfolio for an interior designer and therefore should often be upgraded. Picture a situation where potential clients figure out a website was lastly updated three years ago. That would be a complete turn off for a prospective client. Interior designer should get the help of professional web designer to have a website design look professional. Important information to provide on the website includes; business location, social media platforms, and contacts.

Having amazing photography

One cannot profit much from an interior design business if their photography is poor. This is because they have to show off their projects to potential clients and so their work has to appeal to their eyes. There might be a need to hire a professional interior photographer to capture finished projects. Professional photographers know the right angles to take the photos and can edit them accordingly.

Online marketing

We live in a world where almost everything is done online now. Interior designers should constantly update their profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat among other social media platforms. An interior designer should be keen to upload only the best shots as they will be the clients’ eye candy. They should also promote their business by posting their projects frequently. Potential clients can come across these posts and make contact within a short span of time to get more information about services offered. On top of social media, an interior designer should also acquire the help of online marketers who can promote their websites through various means of internet marketing such as SEO.

Well there you go!, We hope that this small guide help you all. Take Care…